1959 Volvo 445 For Sale

I purchased this car around 1968 from a couple in Syracuse, NY who had bought it on their honeymoon in Florida several years before. They had driven it to Syracuse and used it for a few years there. Around 1969, I had it restored by David Smith who worked at Alan Byers Volvo. David still works there. There was very little rust extant on the car as it had not been used much in the rust belt-in fact, it has only been used and a diver for less than 10 years of its 50 year life. To wit, the seats and all other interior panels are still original and in great shape. The paint work was done in the perfect material of the day: acrylic lacquer. Now we know that acrylic lacquer was not a great choice as most jobs done in this material cracked, as did this, so in 1984 our restoration shop stripped the car and repainted it in acrylic enamel-a much better and longer lasting choice. The paint still looks decent and is serviceable today. Nib sanding and buffing would make it look outstanding.

Since the original restoration work, the car has been on several long trips-Washington DC, Mount Snow VT, Greenwich CT for the Concours and several other trips to VCOA national meets. It's always won people's choice wherever it has been exhibited.

This car has been a great driver and never given any trouble on the few outings I've taken it. Since I have owned it, it has always been garaged and only driven in the rain once on the trip to Greenwich. The only mechanical issue is the chronic need for brake wheel cylinders. We recently developed a stainless steel wheel cylinder piston which should make periodic wheel cylinder replacement unnecessary. A four speed transmission (which is available) could be an asset to the car. over time, we have restored many 445s and 210s. They are typically very rusty and costly to restore-this one was not typical and is primarily a repainted, original car. It will take a Maine State Inspection sticker. Unfortunately, the restoration was done before we were photo documenting our work. Please call if you have any questions.

Alan 207-775-0968